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Digital Twin: Everything you need to know

August 2023

A digital twin is one of the latest disruptive technologies in the Supply Chain giving users real time End-to-End visualisation and an optimised Supply Chain network with modelled production processes, optimised workflows, improved resource allocation and more.

But what does the term “digital twin” mean, and what actual results can business see by incorporating one into their Advanced Planning Solution?

Understanding the Digital Twin: A Digital Reflection of Reality

A digital twin is a dynamic, data-driven virtual representation of a process or system, enriched with real-time data and advanced analytics which allow the digital twin to mirror the state and behaviour of the system accurately. When integrated into an Advanced Planning Solution, like sofco Planning, a digital twin can revolutionise the way your company will strategize, optimise, and execute its operations.

How? Read on.

  1. Autonomous Intelligence: The incorporation of a digital twin into your Advanced Planning Solution enables a level of autonomous intelligence that was previously unattainable. Machine Learning algorithms can analyse real-time data from the digital twin to help you make informed decisions, optimise processes, and even anticipate potential issues. This autonomous intelligence streamlines your decision-making, reduces human intervention up until where it counts, and enhances overall operational efficiency, leaving you with more time to focus on decision-making, business strategy and growth.
  2. Simulation and Scenario Analysis: One of the most compelling features of a digital twin is its ability to facilitate simulation and what-if scenario analysis. Essentially, businesses can create a virtual sandbox to try various strategies, enact changes, and test scenarios before implementing them. This minimises the risk associated with experimenting directly on the operational environment and provides insights into potential outcomes, enhancing decision-making, increasing resilience, and improving operational performance.

Unlock Efficiency and Insight

Implementing a digital twin model within an Advanced Planning Solution, like sofco Planning, promises several positive outcomes:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Real-time data analysis and autonomous decision-making lead to streamlined processes, reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.
  • Improved Agility: The ability to simulate various scenarios empowers businesses to respond swiftly to changing market conditions and unforeseen disruptions.
  • Reduced Downtime: Predictive maintenance enabled by digital twins reduces unplanned downtime by identifying maintenance needs before critical failures occur.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Accurate, real-time data supports more informed strategic and tactical decision-making at all levels of the organization.
  • Competitive Advantage: Embracing a digital twin demonstrates innovation and can differentiate a company from competitors by enabling smarter, data-driven operations.

The value of a digital twin in an Advanced Planning Solution cannot be overstated. The convergence of real-time data, autonomous intelligence, and simulation capabilities will empower businesses to operate with unprecedented efficiency, agility, and insight. A digital twin creates a powerful foundation for simulation and what-if analysis, as well as autonomous replanning of unplanned events, advanced demand forecasting, data capture and reporting. As technology continues to advance, businesses that leverage the power of a digital twin will likely find themselves at the forefront of their industry, leading the way into a new era of intelligent, data-driven operations.

Would you like to know more about sofco’s digital twin capabilities? Reach out via our contact page.

Trusted by our clients

“Greencore is involved in multiple categories, supplying a diverse range of products with different characteristics that require very different manufacturing processes. We selected sofco as they have an End-to-End planning and execution system that can be configured easily to fit these disparate demands. Our approach is much more sophisticated and collaborative now.”

Chris Chestney

IT Business Partner, Greencore

“What impressed us most about the sofco people was they understood our business, listened, and would bring a lot of experience to the project. They brought solid solutions to the issues we presented them with. It was clear from the outset that we were going to be able to work well together as a team and deliver this project. That is exactly what has happened.”

Barbara Van den Berg

Project Manager, Van Geloven

British Bakels

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